Space Experience


Space Experience is  a Scientific and Technological Research and Experimentation Association that works with major Space Agencies and many space explorers (over 50 to date).  

Its mission is to favor the development and application of scientific and technological research , but, above all, technology transfer and all the various declinations of the  aerospace culture.  In fact, it combines the technical-scientific programs projects with services that are suitable for all the companies and organizations in general that do not cease  to increase a plurality of competitive and innovative advantages.

The space turns out to be a  precious basin from which a lot can be drawn and used, such as multiple information and experiences, really useful for selecting, innovating and enhancing the activity of departments or working groups called to achieve widespread excellence.


No product available on Earth has been able to define the same ” evolutionary curve ” with respect to the means and instruments that man has prepared for space missions, despite having only been able to count on a few decades of evolution.

In fact, in only a century , the first flight of the Wright brothers and the creation of the International Space Station have took place, while satellites and probes have already gone much further.

These exploratory activities have led to immense progress in many fields: from science to technology, from biology to psychology, from geophysics to astronomy, to electronics …

Why choose Space Experience?

  1. We do not set limits to our work, as complexists we work to “go beyond” in every area, without setting limits ourselves.
  2. We are open to cognitive and multidisciplinary integration, therefore also to unreserved progress.
  3. We operate by sharing knowledge in non-definitive configurations.
  4. We welcome diversity, recognize differences and increase every possibility of collaboration in favor of models close to collective intelligence .
  5. The flexibility of our staff allows operational speed and limited investments.


The situations of maximum commitment , such as those that occur in the aerospace field, represent extraordinary opportunities to advance in multiple fields and disciplines … these are “tests” that increase the knowledge of human limits and of the organizations that, at the same time, try to transcend them and surpass them in the direction of excellence.

This is why astronauts, mission technicians, flight controllers and consultants work in Space Experience. From the analysis of the critical issues, learned and shared in the space sector, they are able to promote active problem solvingconsultancy programs and reformative communication in various areas .

Just to name a few: management of complexity and change, risk management, resistance to innovation, functional error management, developing attention, digital communication, inter-functional logics, total brain-fitness, stress management, think different, glocal thinking, self training, …

SPACE EXPLORERS (Astronauts and Cosmonauts)

Among our clients there are many astronauts and cosmonauts who are called to interpret and decline a plurality of themes that are very useful, as from space missions, therefore from the experience of astronauts new cognitive, behavioral and organizational models can be drawn that can tangibly help the growth and development of companies. The same models are also suitable for inspiring, motivating, energizing, involving, elevating and spectacularizing where events are organized, meetings, fairs, workshops (in form of edutainment).


Josep Acaba – Toktar Aubakirov – Sergey Avdeyev – Patrick Baudry – Karol Bobko – Randolph J. Bresnik – Maurizio Cheli – Catherine Coleman – Reinhold Ewald – John Fabian – Bertalan Farkas – Yuri Gidzenko – Alexandr Kaleri – Dmitrij Kondrat’ev – Valeri Korzun – Sergei Krikalev – Jerry Linenger – Aleksey Leonov (beginning of EVA) – Franco Malerba – Pamela Melroy – Talgat Musabayev – Paolo Nespoli – Scott Parazynski – Dorin Prunariu – Sergey Ryazanskiy – Salijan Sharipov – Helen-Sharman – William Shepherd – Anatoli Soloviov – Gennady Strekalov – Dennis Tito – Michel Tognini – Valery Tokarev  – Vasili Tsibliev – Mark Vande Hei – Franz Viehboch – Alex Viktorenko – Pavel Vinogradov – Roberto Vittori – Charles Walker – Doug Wheelock – Stephanie Wilson – Sergey Zaliotin  – George Zamka


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