Space Experience makes easy to integrate the exchange of ideas and perspectives between all those who are interested in the use of innovative solutions and technologies – mainly in the aerospace and space sectors – promoting the coordination of initiatives and programs / projects in a variety of contexts:

  • Spatialization of products by companies that operate in sectors other than space, which want to favor the development and qualification to the bitter end of theirproducts, increasing their use value and therefore their standing, opening up to emerging markets. It is now proven that space leads to the best performance of any terrestrial product or solution.

  • Conception, design, development, integration, testing, qualification, promotionof innovative products and applications, studies, correlated research programs, didactic, training, scientific and cultural information, through the activation of operational staff in networking.

  • Establishing and increasing technical-scientific relations and collaborations with similar Italian and foreign associations and institutions, for the benefit of all our Partners and Clients.

  • Organization of courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, fairs, edutainment and entertainment formats, projects and communication activities and enhancement of products and services.

  • Finding the necessary resources (including financial ones) to carry out programs and the corresponding research plans, in addition to the development of derivative applications.